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Residential Raingardens 

What they are:

A garden with a 6-8”depression that is designed to catch and hold rainwater runoff from the roof of a house and allows the water to soak back into the ground. The plants growing in the garden don't mind partially flooded on occasion. 


On the larger scale, raingardens help reduce flooding, controls pollution entertaining our waterways, recharges groundwater supplies, creates habitat for wildlife to name a few. A raingarden added to your existing landscape will enhance sidewalk appeal, help in removing standing water in the yard, increase beneficial insects that help reduce pest insects.

More iNformation:

Watershed has been installing and maintaining raingardens of all shapes and sizes for 15 years. Our expertise will help in determining if a rain garden is right for you and what steps are needed for the completion of your project.

During a 2010 neighborhood wide project in Westerville, Watershed teamed up with Franklin County Soil and Water Division, The Ohio State University, The City of Westerville and Urban Wild in installing 17 residential raingardens and 5 raingardens in the right of ways. Monitoring performed by OSU in the years after the raingardens were installed, show an average of 85% of the water being captured before it left the neighborhood.

Since 2012, Watershed has inspected, maintained and improved The City of Columbus’s growing number of rain gardens throughout Franklin County. Ranging in size from 50 square feet to 10 acres, Watershed has had valuable first hand experience in learning and working with what plants work best in these unique environments.

Watershed has also worked with Delaware County Soil and Water Division, The Village of Shawnee, The Friends of Adena Brook in installing rain gardens around the central Ohio area.     

If you live in the Municipalities of Gahanna, Grove City and Westerville there are cost share programs available for up to $250.00.   



To balance the living portions of the garden a solid backbone is needed. The use of natural stone is an excellent choice for that role, as it is beautiful and can be used in many ways to create texture and interest within the landscape. Working with the Watershed team, we can find that perfect combination that will make your space come alive.

Unlike other building material that has to be fabricated or produced using harsh chemical, natural stone is abundant in quantity and bountiful in colors and is eco-friedly in it's upkeep. Natural stone won't fade or change color overtime and wears in a way that will give your outdoor living space a uniqueness all its own.

Considering a patio, pathway or retaining wall? Consider using natural stone lovingly built by Watershed.

Landscaping with Native Plants


Landscaping using native plants provides much more than just beauty to your home landscape. By choosing natives, you are joining a gardening movement that is moving away from pesticides and fertilizers and towards biodiversity and creating a more sustainable landscape. Using native plants in the landscape reduces maintenance time and costs, while also promoting plant and wildlife conservation.

More Information:

For two and half decades Watershed has been promoting and encouraging native plant use in the projects they've been involved with. With this original passion of plants and the natural systems they inhabit, Watershed has been adding biodiversity to Franklin County one project at a time.


In addition to adding natives to specific areas in the landscape, themed gardens can be designed for 

  • Cutting Gardens

  • Edible and Medicinal Gardens

  • Bird & Butterfly Gardens

Design services available. 


Organic Lawn Care


The principal behind using organic products on lawns is to achieve a healthy lawn. A healthy lawn has many benefits- starting from the top of the plant and extending below the roots.  Starting above ground, organic products improve the grass plant’s inherent defense functions, making them less vulnerable to pests and diseases. Below ground, organic products improve root growth, which helps decrease recovery time from environmental stresses and improves soil health by supporting the soil food web, which, in turn, helps supports the individual grass plants.

More information:

Organic product are safe for humans and pets and are biodegradable. They typically won't get washed away during rain storms of excessive watering, which is a trait of chemical pesticides and herbicides.     

While slightly more expensive than synthetic chemicals, organic lawn treatments will pay for themselves with less time devoted to maintenance and fewer insect / disease issues experienced.

Based on two decades of experience, we've found that the average homeowner can expect to mow three times less in a season with the switch from chemical derived weed control and fertilizer. That is an 8-10% reduction in mowing per year. On average, an $120.00 savings, if paying for the service.

Contact us for a free evaluation on transitioning into a natural lawn care program. Based on past use or existing conditions, a strictly organic regime may not be the best choice at the time. Watershed can design a lawn care program that will take the correct approach to meet your goals of a healthy, lush, weed-free lawn. 

Landscape Creations and Maintenance

Whether it is routine landscape maintenance or creating a new outdoor living space, Watershed can help you meet your goals. We've worked on projects ranging for general bed maintenance, to creating gardens based on the Fibonacci Sequence.  

Adding to Watersheds long list of residential projects, we've helped create natural play spaces and vegetable gardens for elementary school children. Our involvement in the creation of the natural play space at several of the Franklin Counties ECLC and MRDD schools has given us powerful learning experiences. These playgrounds, designed by Susan Weber of Integrity Sustainable Planning and Design, allowed the children to explore their curiosities free from the constraints of a traditional playground. In addition to creating areas based on natural play spaces, Watershed has also built vegetable gardens, designed by Amy Dutt of Urban Wild Designs, that honor the history of the land we now call home. The 3 Sisters Garden at Brookwood Elementary is inspired by the mounds left by the Wyandotte People moved off their traditional lands in the 1800's. A garden designed after the Fibonacci Sequence is based off the natural occurring mathematical principal that dictates the smallest conch shell to the spiraling galaxies above.   

Be it grand plans or general maintenance, Watershed can help you meet your goals.